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    We have the solutions and are fully licensed for chemical use.

  • Fully Trained Detector Dog

    Meet Luna our fully trained Bed Bug detector dog.

  • Cutting Edge Heat Treatment Equipment

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Fully Trained Detector Dog

Cutting Edge Heat Treatment

Licensed to use Chemicals

Fast & Discreet

Cover the whole of Spain

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If you think you have Bed Bugs here in Spain we suggest you meet Luna, our fully trained detection dog.

Luna is specifically trained to give a freeze indication to any live Bed Bugs or Bed Bug Eggs meaning we can sweep your home or business in a matter of minutes.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug bites have not only a physical affect on you but more importantly affect your mind, as lets be honest nobody wants to go to sleep at night knowing there are Bed Bugs waiting for you!

Once we have established whether or not you have the presence of Bed Bugs we use cutting edge heaters to heat the areas to a kill temperature that destroys the whole life cycle of Bed Bugs including their eggs, we are also licensed to treat your home with chemicals if need be.

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Why use Bed Bugs Spain ?

  • Fully Trained Detector Dog to Sniff Out Bed Bugs

  • Cutting Edge Heat Treatment Equipment

  • Fully Licensed to use Chemicals

  • Fast and Discreet Service

  • Cover the Whole of Spain